Current continuing professional development approvals

Current continuing professional development approvals

Midwifery Council 

  • Approval No:  2018CME027E 
  • Valid to:  31 March 2021

Pharmaceutical Society of New Zealand

  • PSNZ ENHANCE recertification programme has not formally accredited these resources, but recommends them as suitable to be included as part of a pharmacist’s continuing education programme.

New Zealand Dental Association

  • NZDA verified
  • Overview of the New Zealand health sector, CPD No 713359
  • Health information privacy, CPD No 108029
  • Treating incompetent patients, CPD No 155839
  • Obligations of health practitioners under the HPCA Act, CPD No 327545
  • Maintaining professional boundaries, CPD No 764642
  • Law and informed consent, CPD No 756752

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