What is included in the module?

Each Clarify course module includes:

Please note the Clarify website will no longer be available from 1 September 2022.  Enrolment in the modules will only be valid until 31 August 2022.  Any enrolments in June, July and August 2022 will be on the basis that the course must be completed by 31 August 2022. Any queries please contact clarify@clarify.co.nz

  • Around 60 minutes of learning, including 35-45 minutes of studio-recorded and produced video content presented by one of Claro’s health law experts, and supported with on-screen text to reinforce key learning points.  These are easy to follow, practical sessions using case studies;

  • Unlimited viewing access until 31 August 2022 immediately following purchase;

  • A downloadable PDF handout that sets out a summary of the key learning points and the relevant law. This written material complements the video presentation and will assist the learning process;

  • Regular breaks in the video content for interactive reviews of knowledge through formative, multiple choice questions;

  • A final, summative assessment of 10-15 questions to test the learner’s knowledge on what has been taught.  A 100% pass mark is required, with the option of reviewing the related content and re-doing incorrectly answered questions.

  • An individually coded PDF certificate of completion once the final assessment has been successfully completed that can be used by you, and provided to your employer, regulator, college or anyone else, as evidence of successful completion and for CPD purposes.

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